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Can I try one before I buy one?

You don’t have to own an iPad to attend the Switched on Seniors group. The group owns some iPads that you can learn on in the group. Then when you are ready to buy your own iPad the group will support you in this by explaining the options so that when you go to purchase you will know what to ask for and what you can expect to pay. The group is also well informed about how to get the best price and will help to get your iPad set up properly. If you have never had an internet connection before, the Switched on Seniors group can can help you with the information about how to do this in an affordable way.

Do I need to bring my own iPad or iPhone?

If you own an iPad or iPhone bring it along to the Switched on Seniors group and we will help you to get the best out of your own device. You may need help to get it set up more effectively for ease of use. If you don’t already own one, then it is better not to go and buy one before you attend the group but instead use the ones owned by the group. In this way the group can help you to know what to buy and where to get it at the best price. The Switched on Seniors group will also help to make sure that your device is set up helpfully from the start. This can save a lot of time and unnecessary anxiety.

How much does it cost?

The original Switched on Seniors groups collect $3 each week which includes a nice morning tea.

The Switched on Seniors Autumn Centre group also requires a membership fee.

How often can I attend?

How many people are in each group?

Each of the Switched on Seniors groups vary in the number of people who attend. But the groups are organised so that people can join at any time. This means that there are people with different amounts of knowledge in the group at any one time. However, beginners receive individualised help in very small groups of 1 or 2 with a teacher for their first four weeks of attendance. Then when they “graduate” into the larger group they are not left without help as there are Switched on Seniors’ team members always there to help. There is also quite a social aspect to each group so everyone is somewhere on the journey of discovery and both giving and receiving help from each other is the norm.

The Switched on Seniors’ groups are designed to be always there when you need them. So you can attend for as long as you like and attend the different groups on different days if you like. Since technology is continually changing many people stay on for years and become the teachers of the next group of beginners. Being well informed is the best way to stay safe on line and the group puts a lot of emphasis on cyber safety.

I got an iPad from my son or daughter, what now?

This depends whether your son or daughter has set it up for you or if it still needs to be set up.

 If they have set it up for you ask them to write down all the information that they have used to set it up. This will be your APPLE ID – which consist of an email address and password, and possibly a PASSCODE – which could be 4 or 6 numbers. Bring this information along to the Switched on Seniors group with you so that you can learn what it is used for and you can use it to get your iPad customised to your needs and preferences. You will also need the security questions and answers that were used in setting your iPad up. This information will be needed so that you don’t always have to ask your family members when you want to download or change anything.

If it still needs to be set up – bring it along and you can get help to get it set up properly. If you already have an email address that you would like to use as part of your Apple ID, then you will need to bring your email password along too. If you don’t know your email password you may choose to get an iCloud email address to become part of your Apple ID and your teacher can help you to do that.

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