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The "Amazing Machine"

Pauline was 79 when she joined Switched on Seniors and began to learn to use the iPad using one of the group iPads. She quickly decided she wanted one of her own so was the first to go and buy her own with help and support from the group. She loved learning and was at the group every week soaking up as much as she could about this “amazing machine”.

A few months down the track Pauline missed two weeks in a row. A phone call revealed that she had a bad dose of the flu and couldn’t get out of the house. When asked if she needed anything she proudly declined any help, explaining that her dog’s favourite tinned food was on a half price special at Woolies so she had decided to try out online shopping for the first time. She ordered 6 month’s supply of the dog food (and a few things for herself) and the “nice man” had carried the order inside and put it on her kitchen bench and because it was her first shop she was not charged anything for delivery!

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