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Switched on Seniors is an organisation dedicated to helping seniors stay connected and engaged in their local communities. Volunteers provide advice, support and assistance to seniors who are needing help with their tech devices, especially smartphones, tablets and iPads. We help them from the purchase process, through setting up their device and locating affordable mobile and internet connectivity as well as providing advice on how to use their devise safely to access social media and other digital tools that make their lives easier and more enjoyable.


It is well known that volunteering offers many benefits to volunteers also. Some of these include:

  • A Sense of Purpose: giving volunteers new sense of meaning and mental stimulation

  • Community Connection

  • New Friendships:

  • Self-Esteem: Accomplishing worthwhile tasks boosts self-esteem and fulfilment

  • Valuable Skills: Volunteering provides hands-on experience and helps you learn, new skills

  • Better Physical Health : regular volunteering has been linked to lower blood pressure in adults over 50

My Story

"When I retired, I was looking for something meaningful to Volunteer for. I had used computers in my working life but was certainly not a Computer expert. I had no knowledge

of Mobile devices. I didn’t even own a mobile phone. So when I won an iPad I found I had to learn it from scratch. My children were interstate and overseas so we’re not around to teach me. I started the group hoping that somebody would teach me how to use the iPad that I had won. Though the group numbers grew quickly, no expert teacher emerged.

I began to get help from wherever I could and take what I learned back to the group. This sometimes meant that I would be getting help on the train from anyone willing to help. I also had help from school students at the local library. I found that there is nothing that reinforces your learning more than sharing what you have learned with others. I have learned so much that I use daily and really enjoy that it is hard to imagine a more fulfilling Volunteer position."

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